Pricing + Services


Services generally start at $20/hour.

We offer reduced rates for independent musicians and non-profits. We also can work on a retainer or project basis, using a budget tailored to your needs. 


Virtual assistance

$20/hour — Let us handle your calendar management, travel arrangements, route planning, vendor scheduling, routine paperwork, email maintenance, and any of your other day to day tasks that take up way too much of your time. 

social media management & marketing

Individual: $20/hour — We'll help you create and maintain a social media presence that makes sense for your needs. Our doers are well versed in everything Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and all the other channels out there and can make sure you're staying engaged with your followers.

Business/Band: $25/hour — We'll help you create and maintain a social media marketing plan across multiple channels, monitoring metrics and KPIs that are relevant to your brand and business, and adjusting for performance and maximum engagement. 

travel arrangements/route planning

Variable hourly rate — Let us figure out the best/fastest/cheapest way for you to get to where you need to go. Whether by car, bus, train, plane, or ferry, we can compare options and come up with the one that makes the most sense for you. We'll also make sure you have a backup plan for when things go wrong, and ensure that everyone who needs it has the details on the itinerary. 

event planning

Variable hourly rate — We have doers who have been in the event planning field for over 8 years. From a small luncheon to a medium wedding to a large benefit concert, we can help you with all the logistics of your next event. 


bookkeeping/payroll/bill pay

Personal: $35/hour — We can help you create a budget, monitor your finances, pay vendor bills, make deposits, and handle any other personal finance related daily activities. 

Business: $50/hour —We have Quickbooks specialists who can help with your bookkeeping, business expenses, payroll, vendor management, month end reporting and reconciliations, and all other business related finance activities. 

patreon/kickstarter support

Variable hourly/package rate — Specific to creators, we can help you maximize your funding on multiple platforms, increase engagement and visibility, help you meet goals, fulfill rewards, and manage your monthly memberships while you focus on creating content. 

Self Publishing Support

You wrote a book! Now what? Let us help you navigate the maze of options to publish your book and get it out there to the world! Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and everything in between! We've helped authors navigate the path from beginning to end, with a few best seller moments along the way. 

Process improvement

$50/hour, packages available — Let us take a look at what isn't working. To Do's, Done has a team of doers who have all been known to streamline activities and improve existing processes. Maybe you don't need continuous assistance, maybe you just need a new set of processes to help you work more efficiently. We can help you come up with a plan that allows you to STOP utilizing our services and still save you money and time. Somewhat unique to our field, we believe in helping you succeed and improve, even if that means we lose a full-time client.