Clear off your to-do list in ONE DAY!

Not every business owner has the time or resources to hire an assistant, virtual or otherwise, or has enough work for someone to be on staff part to full-time. That's where our "To Do's, Done" punch list VIP day comes into play.

We can get knock out all of the items you've been waiting to do "when you have an extra moment" in ONE DAY.

From email cleanup, accounting items, job postings, Dropbox organization, content creation, social media calendar setup, Zapier or funnel creations, reservations, event plans, gifts, website updates, and more, we have over 15 years of experience completing all of those little tasks that tend to pile up for all business owners.

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Here are some things we can do in a day...

Social Media Concept.

Social Media Plan & Audit

We can review, audit, improve your social media channels, create a strategy for the next 3 months, build templates for future posts, and more!

Hand Putting Notes on Glass Wall

Punchlist Completion

Give us your list of all the small items you'll get to when you "have the time". We'll complete them all so you can focus on your big picture tasks!

E-mail marketing concept

Email Cleanup

Organize and automate your inbox with filters, folders, and automation so that you can focus on the most important messages and avoid the noise from the rest!

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Here are just a few testimonials from our clients!

Kristen was able to knock out ALL the things on our never-ending "pending" list and relieved the burden for us to focus on our creative big picture items vs the little admin items that take up so much head space.

-Ariel Bloomer

Kristen is a self-motivated thinker and problem solver. She really knows how to take on a task and run with it, needing very little guidance. Great IT skills and creative talents.

-Marc Shaener

Kristen was one of the best colleagues of my career so far, ensuring that our business processes were running smoothly and strategically. I should also note that she is fun, light-hearted, and infused her work and all our interactions with a keen balance of levity and seriousness when needed. -Connor Daly

Kristen has been a life-saver for us, when she says "To Do's, DONE" she totally means it. I was hesitant about handing over a seemingly random list of items to someone who wasn't deeply entrenched in my day to day business, but she asked all the right questions, gave me a ton of free suggestions in the meantime to organize better for the future, and literally completed all the things I had been waiting months to tackle. I will be hiring her again, and would recommend her in a heartbeat. - Wilco Junk Removal

To Do List
Drop Shadow

Case Study

Here's an example of what we knocked out for one of our brick and mortar clients during their VIP Day.

This business owner was bogged down by all the adminstrative tasks that weren't getting done, so during their VIP Day we did the following:

  • Set up automations and a Trello board so that they could have an organized to-do list with all their outstanding items.
  • Cleaned up 3 months of transactions in Quickbooks and created rules to help them stay on top of things moving forward.
  • Created filters and folders for their email account to ensure they could focus on the most important emails each day.
  • Ordered new office supplies, uniforms, and found 2 new suppliers for on-going apparel and swag needs.
  • Created 14 drag & drop social media templates for future posting needs.

We can do the same and more for you and your business!

To Do list is ticked off after completion

Here's what every intensive includes:

  • Kickoff and Strategy call to go over your list of needs
  • Prep work the week prior to maximize your VIP Day
  • VIP Day - your project has my undivided attention all day
  • Post-VIP Day report
  • 2 week post-VIP Day support period


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The VIP Day Process:

Step 1

Choose an available day on my calendar for your VIP Day. Usually a few weeks out to give us time to talk strategy and do any prep work we need to hit the ground running on the day of your intensive.

Step 2

We have our kick-off call to align on what your needs are, what the deliverables can be, how we will communicate going forward, and what items we'll need beforehand to maximize that time

Step 3

You'll get an email with information on your remaining payment, what I need from you, how to share any files or access I need, and a summary of what I'll be focusing on to ensure we're on the same page!

Step 4

Your day is all about you, so I'll be 100% focused on your tasks. We'll communicate throughout to ensure all is going as planned. At the end of the day, I'll send over all completed items for feedback.

Let's get started!

Choose a day from my availability calendar, and lock in your day with a 50% deposit! We'll follow up with an email and next steps!

Still unsure? Book a 15-minute discovery call here.

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What hours do you work during a VIP Day?

There is some flexibility here as I want to make sure you are available during our day in case there's a need for clarification or feedback, but typically the active part of your VIP day where I will be communicating directly with you is 10am - 4pm CT.

Is a VIP Day a good fit for my particular business?

Most businesses are a good fit for VIP days as all businesses have the same basic operational needs which can include email, marketing, accounting, scheduling, project management, social media, and launches. We're well versed in most business programs and tools, all functions that go into running an organized business, and how to create efficiency from chaos.

Do you guarantee a set of deliverables for my VIP Day?

In short, no. The long answer is a VIP Day is designed to provide you with a full day of my undivided attention on your list of tasks that we'll order from most important to least important. My experience allows me to complete things off your list much faster than a virtual assistant or other contractor. I design our kick-off call and prep work to eliminate any roadblocks that could get in the way of a super fast, successful, efficient day. We are completely sure you will be satisfied with your result, but we do allow existing clients to book half day sessions following their VIP day should there be remaining items that you want to get to, at a reduced price.

Do I have to be available all day during the VIP Day?

No, we should get most of our needs taken care of during our prep work and kick-off call. You only need to be available to approve work and/or provide feedback. That said, the quicker you can respond with feedback or approval, the faster we can move on to the other items on your list, so we do ask that you be available via our agreed upon communication channel throughout the day.

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself....

My name is Kristen Faulkner and I've been in the online business space for over 15 years now. I've worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, government contractors, and huge multi-million dollar corporations.

My passion lies in creating more efficiency for businesses to help them focus on their growth vs getting bogged down in the day to day.

Whether that means creating automations to streamline your business processes or spending the day tackling your to-do list, I can make your life easier and your business grow, as I've done for over 100 other business owners over the years.

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Let's get all your To Do's DONE!

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